How does it work?

  • Country Cycling organizes guided day trips
  • Country Cycling has the bikes ready for you at the starting point.
  • Country Cycling also ensures that the bikes are collected.
  • the starting point is always good to reach by car and public transport.
  • the end point is usually the starting point, but not necessarily.

What does a bike ride consist of?

  • a bicycle tour takes at least 4 hours
  • the average distance is between 15 and 25 kilometers
  • a coffee- or teabreak.
  • regular stops to enjoy the scenery.

What is not included?

  • entrance fees to attractions
  • Beverages and food at catering establishments

Do you want to cycle a longer distance, see and do more? I recommend you to take a longer bike ride.

  • A longer bike ride varies from 6 to 8 hours
  • the bicycle distance is adjusted to the level of the group
  • The weather conditions also affect the cycling distance
  • For a greater distance of course we take more time
  • a bike ride has always a coffee- or teabreak
  • and sufficient stops to enjoy the scenery
  • also a lunch, drinks, tapas and/or dinner can be a possibility
  • We bring you to beautiful venues and great places to eat good food
  • you can also choose for a picnic on a special venue.

Ask for the possibilities

How many people can join a tour?

  • at least 8 people
  • up to 20 people
  • On average the number is around 15
  • With more participants, Country Cycling organises an extra Guide.

What do we do?

Country Cycling partners with unique venues and organizes, next to the cycling, other activities.

Examples include:

  • Studio visit or participation in a workshop at an artist
  • visit to the farmer when it is the calf-or lambing time
  • boating or hiking with a nature guide
  • hiking with a city guide
  • a boat trip with whisper boat, canoe or sailboat
  • visit to restaurant, point of interest or event

ask for the possibilities.

What does Country Cycling offer you?

  • Bicycle tours starting from different points of departure
  • A good bike with 7 gears
  • Other bicycles are possible for an additional cost